Nespresso Compatible (OriginalLine) Coffee 60 Sampler Pack Pods

Nespresso Compatible (OriginalLine) Coffee 60 Sampler Pack Pods

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Nespresso Compatible (OriginalLine) Coffee 60 Sampler Pack Pods

  • COMPATIBILITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Pressogno Swiss made capsules are compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso machines: Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, Lattisima, U, Gran Maestria, Inissia. You will get 60 pods in three different flavors at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. We sell directly to our customers and do not use expensive marketing campaigns. This is NUMBER ONE sold capsules in Switzerland, homeland of NESPRESSO. The pods are NOT compatible with Vertuoline machines
  • AUTHENTIC TASE IN A VARIETY PACK. 5.5 grams of tasteful coffee is packed in each capsule. The capsules are single-serve and easy to use. Pressogno, the leading swiss coffeehouse brings you three different flavors in this package: Classico, Medium, and Forte. This 100% ARABICA coffee from Central and South America as well as west Africa, guarantees your full satisfaction. The coffees are selected for variety of tastes including customers who love Roma, Capriccio, and Livanto of NESPRESSO
  • HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN ROASTED COFFEE. This bundle of coffee pods contains a premium selection of our specialty capsules that brings you a fine and balanced coffee. It is roasted in a specially designed long roasting process, achieving an aroma which is a typical of high quality espresso. The coffee is 100% natural with no preservative, sugar, or artificial flavor and it is individually wrapped to insure maximum freshness
  • NITROGEN SEALING FOR LONGEVITY AND FRESHNESS. The coffee is freshly ground and immediately filled into capsules under strictly protected conditions. The pods are nitrogen sealed to insure its freshness for at least 12 months. The capsule casings are made from polypropylene at food grade, which is safe for food products. We produce our pod casings in an FDA approved environment and they do not contain toxic Halogens, Bisphenol A (BPA) or Phthalates

Pressogno Italian Premium NESPRESSO Compatible Capsules!

Owning a NESPRESSO coffee maker without a doubt is a joyful experience. But you have probably asked yourself:

Can I enjoy a premium cup of coffee without breaking the bank?

Can I enjoy other types of coffees with my NESPRESSO machine?

The answer to the questions is YES, if you choose PRESSOGNO COFFEE CAPSULES!

Our coffee is 100% natural and sustainable. The pods are NESPRESSO OriginalLine compatible

and they come in an unbeatable price!

We offer you to indulge in our variety pack of 60 capsules.

We select only the best coffee beans to bring you an espresso that is fine and balanced. The capsules are nitrogen sealed to achieve maximum freshness.

No preservatives, No sugar, No artificial flavors!

PRESSOGNO single-serve pods (20 pods each) included in this package are:
✓ ESPRESSO CLASSICO (Strength: 3/6): An exceptional mixture of the very best Arabica coffees sourced from Central & South America, and East Africa
✓ ESPRESSO MEDIUM (Strength: 4/6): The harmonious balance between Central and South American coffees makes this blend particular. The special roasting highlights the delicate flavor and the delicacy out of the body
✓ ESPRESSOE FORTE (Strength: 4/6): Characterized by a full body, but entirely free from acid. The coffee from which this mixture is obtained, roasted separately to obtain a balanced bouquet of intensity and fineness