50 Nespresso Compatible Capsules 100% Arabica Coffee Variety Pack

50 Nespresso Compatible Capsules 100% Arabica Coffee Variety Pack

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  • Limited Time Introductory Sale for our New Jones Brothers Nespresso Capsules Variety Pack: Discover all our blends of Nespresso compatible capsules, from our dark roast Gigolo, to our mildest Elevate lungo, all bursting with flavor, silky smooth and full of aroma. Intensity: Varies by blend
  • Always 100% Pure Arabica Nespresso Coffee Pods
  • Fully compatible with all Original Line Nespresso Machines including: Essenza, Citiz, U, Pixie, Lattissima, Maestria, Inissia, Kitchenaid and Prodigio. Not Compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline
  • Imported from Amsterdam and bursting with freshly roasted aromas and taste, Jones Brothers Nespresso capsules are all natural, without any preservatives, sugar or flavoring added
  • Package includes 50 Nespresso compatible pods: Noir Ristretto (10 Nespresso cups), Gigolo Ristretto (10 Nespresso cups), Enigma Ristretto (10 Nespresso cups), Revive Lungo (10 Nespresso Cups), Elevate Lungo (10 Nespresso cups)

Jones Brothers Coffee exists because we were unhappy with the coffee we used to drink and thought that it must be possible to do better. So we started looking at the way coffee was made, then where it came from and how it was roasted. And we have learned a lot in the last 10 years!

You see, there is no excuse for bad coffee, there is so much good coffee out there! Our Roastmaster buys the highest quality graded beans that we can at each harvest in different parts of the world, (only 100% Arabica coffee of course, as these are the best!), and then he designs a roasting profile to maximise the taste and flavour from each blend or single origin.

And we hope that you will enjoy drinking our tasty coffee as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Why choose Jones Brothers Nespresso compatible coffee pods

How do we get that fresh tasting, just roasted coffee flavour into our Nespresso pods? We only use 100% high grade Arabica beans in all our coffees – we think you will notice the difference. Then we grind and pack the coffee beans to perfection before immediately locking the flavour into our capsules.

At Jones Brothers we want every coffee moment to be a quality coffee moment - this is our ‘coffee philosophy’!

We were one of the first brands in the world with the new generation of Nespresso compatible capsules. And for us, choice and access to great coffee is everything.

We know that many small brands with a big coffee-heart think the same. At Jones Brothers we are focussed on giving you as much choice and freedom to explore a world of taste as you want — that’s what we’re really about. Capsule technology is always changing, so we will always try to bring you the most up to date capsules and new and interesting coffee flavours.

GIIGOLO - Silver Capsule, Intensity: 12

“We have created a darker, slower roasted coffee to really intensify your coffee experience. It’s full bodied and full flavoured with its richness balanced out by the lightly sweet hints of caramel and chocolate. A new favourite!”

NOIR - Black Capsule, Intensity: 10
“Big creamy mouthfeel that envelops the mouth with a very long finish of bitter sweet chocolate, a tangy acidity with hints of hazelnuts.”

REVIVE - Orange Capsule, Intensity: 8
“It’s longer and it’s stronger! For those that like their lungos with a bit more bite, here it is – I get a slight floral aroma and then a flavour punch from the African coffees in the blend that wash over your palate with a surprising smoothness. Great lungo.”

ENIGMA - Purple Capsule, Intensity: 8
“A bold flavoursome coffee, good full body with subtle fruit aromas and a chocolatey finish. Perfect espresso moment!”

ELEVATE - Blue Capsule, Intensity: 5
“Wafer biscuits laser sharp acidity, long lemon peel finish, thin body – slightly earthy. Our lightest and lingering long coffee, perfect for a mild Lungo.”